Information Technology Department
The Art Institute of York - Pennsylvania

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Contact information for faculty and staff:

Name Title Email Extension
Academic Affairs
Beecher, Gregory Instructor 1274
Bentz, Ora Instructor 1275
Blake, Greta Instructor ---
Bradnick, David Instructor ---
Davis, Matthew Instructor ---
Dennis, Rae Instructor ---
Douglas, Donovan Instructor 1279
Dubbs, Seamus Instructor ---
Ehlenbeck, Ellen Instructor ---
Embry, Veronica Instructor 1392
Feeser, Matthew Instructor 1285
Filippone, Elia Instructor ---
Filippone, Stacey Instructor 1375
Forry, Sue Instructor ---
Gallo, Paul Instructor ---
George, Alex Instructor 1295
Gordon, Eber Instructor 1319
Gutshall, William Instructor 1019
Harkins, Beverly Instructor ---
Hershey, Erick Instructor 1322
Hirneisen, Tim Instructor 1495
Holberg, Richard Instructor ---
Hopkins, Michelle Instructor ---
Kahler, Edward Instructor 1244
Kushner, Dennis Instructor ---
McCleary, Keith Instructor ---
McGinnis, Sean Instructor ---
Notarangelo, Thomas Instructor 1335
Novak, Matthew Instructor ---
Pierce, Trina Instructor ---
Price, Paul Instructor ---
Quickel, Matthew Instructor ---
Rentzel, Lisa Instructor ---
Ruth, Ronald Instructor ---
Rutledge, George Instructor 1373
Small, Andrew Instructor ---
Smith, Philip Instructor 1374
Stephan, John Instructor 1376
Swartz, Caroline Instructor 1384
Traina, Justin Instructor ---
Wagenseller, Chris Instructor 1379
Waltemyer, Laree Instructor 1381
Watycha, Genevieve Instructor ---
Williams, Stephan Instructor ---
Yontosh, Patricia Instructor 1273
Career Services
Fry, Lori Director of Career Services 1456
Lauer, Leslie Career Services Advisor 1462
Harris, Roxann Registrar 1241
Jordan, Darren Media Director 1323
Jordan-Tosh, Dominique Design Director 1243
Morrison, Kimberly Design Coordinator 1389
Price, Marla Dean of Academic Affairs, Acting President 1039
Information Technology
Hallett, Frank Systems Analyst II 1602
Student Accounts
Hensley, Celeste Accountant - Student 1507
Student Affairs
Crawmer, Jennifer Student Affairs - Coordinator 1539
Student Financial Services
Zabierowsky, Kirstin Associate Director of Student Financial Services 1212